HIV Community Based Research

Bringing Community & Academia together through research

CBR Methodology & GIPA/MEPA

See the drop down menu for helpful information on research methodology and a simple explanation of how each topic is used in a research project.

  • Quantitative methods of gathering information
  • Qualitative methods of gathering information
  • Mixed methods-  common “blends” of methods to add understanding to the findings
  • Evaluation- many types are used by community organizations to determine the effect of programs

One of the key tenets of CBR work is the UNAIDS “Greater Involvement of People with AIDS” or GIPA principle1. People living with HIV may be included in every aspect of the research project from developing the topic, gathering the information, and sharing the results with the community.

I prefer to adapt the acronym to MEPA, which stands for the Meaningful Engagement of People Living with HIV/AIDS. Meaningful engagement denotes more of a two-way exchange of information between PLWHAs and researchers, while ensuring that all aspects of a CBR project incorporates the MEPA Principle.  Here is a great guide on how to incorporate the GIPA/MEPA principle into your project.

1. The Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA) Declaration was signed in 1994. This guide uses the umbrella term ‘people living with HIV’ and for historical reasons continues to use the acronym GIPA.