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Sharing the knowledge gained from Public Health and HIV CBR projects with the greater community has historically been challenging to acheive successfully for everyone involved. Success is measured differently by each participating partner, in form and method, language level, and potential for inflammatory negative response from the findings. With the formation of equitable CBR partnerships at the very beginning of the project, we reduce negative unexpected outcomes through the open discussion process and full disclosure of the needs of participating partners. In practice, this can be very difficult to achieve given the constraints of academic tenure and promotion measurement, and pressure from community to pursue asset-based findings and discourage sensationalistic results that add to stigma and negative association with the community. It’s challenging to achieve a successful balance of both desired portrayals of project results dissemination.


Some examples of guidelines and things to consider when developing knowledge sharing acitivities for your HIV CBR project results are contained in the following publications.


See this informative report from Sarah Flicker and Beth Savan

CBR Snapshot Report

 Read the full report here: CBR snapshot report Flicker

Community Engagement, A Look At Policy And Practice from the University of Waterloo CommunityEngagement

Community Engagement


Community organizations tend to prefer more direct contact with members through a variety of presentation fora:

  • Try organizing an informal “lunch and learn” workshop series that features the  CBR project partners discussing their findings.
  •  Think about applying to present your project results at Regional HIV Conferences and to regularly scheduled research seminars at local Universities and Hospitals.
  • Write an article for a CBO newsletter or blog, they’re very popular with the HIV community and always looking for interesting work.


Here are a couple of examples of Community CBR Presentations

11Nov IPV Poz Gthng-1

IPV Presentation11Nov Literacy Lives

Literacy Lives

PRA Training


Get yourself invited to Grand Rounds!

Academic Institutions and Hospitals often also feature “grand rounds”-style theatre presentations to their audiences and invite community presenters to share their perspective of an HIV CBR project.

As always, if you would like to include your own great example on this topic please use the Contact Me tab in the top righthand corner of this site!

BCHIVCBR resources are posted to be freely used in the community. If you incorporate any of our material into your own publications or website, we ask that you credit BCHIVCBR following the Creative Commons License.

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