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Positive Women’s University Evaluation and Report

Check out the report on Positive Living BC’s recent Positive Women’s University

Held at Loon Lake, the University brought together a diverse group of women living with HIV for an educational, empowering weekend of workshop presentations and skills building.

See the full report for the interesting results and personal comments from the women who attended!

Positive Women's University Report

13Jun Positive Women’s University

For further information on this University and others in the works, use the Contact Me tab.

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  • Shelly Tognazzini says:

    Thank you so much Terry for writing such a reflective and honest account of our collective experience. Well written, accurate, and a credit to all the people involved that made it happen, especially the volunteer staff! Great to see the continuance with Poz Men’s University…we shall have to find funding for both!

    July 12, 2013 at 12:45 am

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