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Bringing Community & Academia together through research


The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has funding specifically for CBR HIV/AIDS projects. There is a general stream and an Aboriginal stream. Visit their website to review the different types and deadlines for registration and full application submission. You are welcome to contact the Community-Based Research Facilitator in your area for assistance with any application. CIHR offers a helpful guide to use when applying for funding, or when you’re considering an idea for a research project in your area. See the guide

Types of Funding available from CIHR

There are three levels of funding available from CIHR in the HIV/AIDS CBR stream. They are generally offered twice per year, and often “Priority” announcements will be offered additionally that require a specific focus- check the “view all current funding opportunities” section of the CIHR website (Research Net) for details when they are offered.

Meetings, Planning and Dissemination: $25,000, for one year duration. Usually available in both General and Aboriginal streams.

Catalyst: $33,000,for one year duration. Usually three grants are awarded per RFA (three General and three Aboriginal).

Operating: $125,000 per year up to three years duration. Usually two or three are awarded per RFA (General and Aboriginal).

Meetings, Planning and Dissemination Grants: Support for scientific meetings (workshops, symposia, conferences, colloquia), consensus meetings, planning and development meetings, networking and partnership development events for health researchers with non-researchers and/or users of health research to facilitate collaboration among individuals or groups

Catalyst Grants: Provides seed money to support activities which represent a first step towards the pursuit of more comprehensive funding opportunities. Applicants are encouraged to show the development towards applying for an Operating Grant afterward.

Operating Grants: Supports community-academia research partnerships which contribute to the creation, dissemination and use of HIV/AIDS related knowledge, and to help develop and maintain CBRresearch capacity, by supporting original, high quality projects.

Think of the funding as a continuum, from the earliest stages, through some “test” research, and finally a full-fledged project.

Funding opportunities in any of these streams are usually launched in June and December of each year, with application deadlines of October and April respectively. Always check for priority announcements for additional targeted funding opportunities, and read through the specific requirements section to make sure your application is relevant to the opportunity.

Other funding sources listed here:

Michael Smith Foundation

Vancouver Foundation


Care to Know Foundation

Here is a great link to grants and foundations in BC that offer a variety of funding opportunities see BC Funding Source Tool

Alternative Funding Sources with deadlines (check dates as they vary slightly from year to year)

Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Grant April 30, 2011
Bell Mental Health Community Fund April 30, 2011.
NSERC Strategic Project Grant 2011-04-15

SSHRC Aid to Conferences May 2
NIH Program Project Grants and Center Grants May 25
Peter Wall Solutions Initiative LOI: May 31, 2011
CIHR Collab Health Resch Proj 2011-05-01 2011-10-01


UBC Killam Research Prize 2011-06-15
CIHR Café Scientifique Program (2011) 2011-06-30
Max Bell Public Policy Training Institute 2011-06-30

Woodward Foundation Grants Proposal July 15

CIHR Operation Grant 2011-08-16

Peter Wall Solutions Initiative Applications Sept 30, 2011
VanCity Fdn Community Grants May 15 Sept 15 2010
Hamber Foundation Grants March 15/September 15
Knowledge Development Fund September 16
NIH Prg Proj Grants/Center Grants Jan 25 May 25 Sep 25
CIHR Chronic Dis Risk/Intervn Strategies 2011-09-01
CIHR Operating Grant 2011-09-15

Martha Piper Research Fund March 15 and October 1
Peter Wall Institute Major Thematic Grant October 1
NIH US Research Grant February 5/June 5/October 5 SSHRC Operating Grant Intent: Aug 15 October 15

SSHRC Aid to Conferences May 1/November 1


Woodward Foundation Grants January 15 Proposal

Koerner Foundation Social Services February 28
SSHRC Insight Development Grants February 1, 2011
UBC Hampton Fund Grant February 14 2011

Peter Wall Inst Exploratory Workshop Grant 2010-03-01
Peter Wall Institute Thematic Grant LOI March 1
CIHR Operating Grant 2010-02-01 2010-03-01
VCH Team Grant 2011-03-15
Martha Piper Research Fund March 15 and October 1
Hamber Foundation Grants March 15/September 15
HYDRECS BC Hydro Special Projects Fund March 15
UBC –CFIS Health & Social Services March 12

Open Deadline
Adobe Software Donation Program Open
BC Regnal Innovation Chairs Open for Regional Support
BC Knowledge Development Fund New Opportunities
Can Fdn for Innovation New Initiatives Fund Ongoing
Cdn Council on Learning Health & Learning Node Open
CIHR Operating Grant – Intervention Research Various
CIHR President’s Fund Ongoing
Columbia Foundation Research Grant
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Donner Canadian Foundation Research Grants
Ford Foundation Asset Building/Community Development
Four Pillars Fund (Vancouver Fdn) Operating Grant
Health Canada Office of Chief Scientist Grants
Health Canada Applied Research & Analysis
Heron Foundation F.B. Community Development Grants
HRSDC National Homelessness Initiative
Kellogg Foundation Health Grants Open
Laidlaw Foundation Youth Grants
Max Bell Foundation Research Grants
Metropolis Project Research Grants
Pew Fund Programs Serving Vulnerable Adults Ongoing
Public Health Agency Canada Research Grants
Real Estate Foundation of BC Research Grants LOI
Royal LePage Shelter Fdn Violence Prevention Open
Social Development Canada Voluntary Sector Policy
SSHRC Strategic Research Clusters
Union of BC Municipalities Homelessness
Vancouver Agreement Operating Grant Open Grants
Vancouver Fdn Social enterprise grant

Other Sources (google them for details)
BC Centre for Social Enterprise
Bill Melinda Gates Foundation (International: Seattle WA)
Canada Post Homelessness Grant
Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
Carthy Foundation
Catherine Donnelly Foundation
CIHR Institute Community Support Grants and Awards
CIHR Other: Journalism Award (2008-2009) TBD TBD
City Council
Clarity Foundation
Coast Capital Savings Foundation
Columbia Institute (National: Vancouver BC)
Commonwealth Foundation (International: London UK)
Donner Canadian Foundation (National: Toronto ON)
Downtown Vancouver BIA
Dreamcatcher Fund (National: Ohsweken ON)
Drummond Foundation (National: Montreal QC)
EJLB Foundation (National: Montréal QC)
Endswell Foundation (Regional: Vancouver BC)
EnerGreen Foundation (National: Calgary AB)
Face The World Foundation (Vancouver BC)
Fig Tree Foundation (International: Calgary AB)
Forzani Group Fdn (National: Calgary AB and Laval PQ)
Gainey Foundation (National: Montreal QC)
Gairdner Foundation (International: Toronto ON)
Glassco Foundation (National: Calgary AB)
GlaxoSmithKline Foundaiton (National: Mississauga ON)
Imperial Oil Charitable Fdn (National: Toronto ON)
J.W. McConnell Family Fdn (National: Montreal QC)
Jesse and Julie Rasch Fdn (National: Toronto ON)
Kahanoff Foundation (International: Calgary AB)
Krembil Foundation (National: Toronto ON)
Laidlaw Foundation (National: Toronto ON)
Lawson Foundation (National: London ON)
Leon Thea Koerner Foundation (Regional: Vancouver BC)
Leonard Foundation (National: Toronto ON)
Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF)
Lotte John Hecht Memorial Foundation (Vancouver BC)
Marigold Foundation (National: Calgary AB)
Maytree Foundation
McLean Foundation (National: Toronto ON)
Mennonite Foundation of Canada (National)
Metcalf Foundation (National: Toronto ON)
Mounted Police Foundation (The) (National: Ottawa ON)
National Aboriginal Achievement Fdn (National)
Peter Drucker Canadian Foundation (National)
Provincial Government
Real Estate Foundation of BC (Provincial: Vancouver BC)
Richard Ivey Foundation (National: Toronto ON)
Roasters Foundation (National: Montreal QC)
Rotary Foundation (International: Evanston IL)
Royal LePage Shelter Foundation
Safe Communities Foundation
Salamander Foundation
Social Enterprise Council of Canada
Sprott Foundation
Strathcona BIA
Street to Home Foundation
Tides Canada Foundation (National: Vancouver BC)
Vancouver Heritage Foundation
Vancouver Board of Trade
Vancouver Chinatown Lions Club
Vancouver Chinatown BIA Society (VCBIA)
Virtual Foundation (International)
W. Garfield Weston Foundation
Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation (National)
Zlotnik Lamb & Company Fdn (Regional: Vancouver BC)