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CBR Project Framework

The following is an example of a format for CBR Project development and may be adapted according to the research topic/question that you are considering.

For successful grant writing and project results, these elements should be included in your project development materials. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like further clarification on any aspect.

How to write a CBR proposal- the framework


Qualitative Advocacy/Participatory Format for proposal writing


The accepted format for CBR proposals should include the following format for consistency. Variations depending on the funding proposal submission tool (i.e. online webform, or a paper application) should be accommodated for the viewing ease of reviewers. It is important to include the information in this format rather than the exact wording shown here.

  •  Introduction

Statement of the problem (including lit references)

The issue

The purpose of this study

The research question(s) to be addressed

Delimitations and limitations

  • Background and Rationale

Characteristics of the qualitative research

Research strategy

Role of the researcher and the team members

  • Methodology

Data collection procedures

Data recording procedures

Data analysis procedures

Strategies for validating findings

Narrative structure

  • Anticipated Ethical Issues- describe how you will address them
  • Significance of the Study- reviewers will rate you on your potential impact and scientific merit
  • Proposed Findings- the “so what” section
  • Expected Changes as a Result of Findings – think impact
  • Appendices: i.e. interview questions, surveys, timeline, budget, CVs of research team and any supporting documents.


It is important to establish a rationale for why you’ve chosen to study this issue. Be as clear as possible when describing the key elements of this design, data collection procedures and analysis. Remember, the reviewer will assess your proposal for scientific merit and potential impact. Always adhere to the allowed space allotted for each section – check the RFP for details.

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