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Getting Involved in Community Based Research.

The term community based research is increasingly being used across a variety of settings. But what does it mean? We have developed the following working definition.

Community based research is research that strives to be: foliage

Community situated -begins with a research topic of practical relevance to the community (as opposed to individual scholars) and is carried out in community settings.

Collaborative -community members and researchers equitably share control of the research agenda through active and reciprocal involvement in the research design, implementation and dissemination.

Action-oriented -the process and results are useful to community members in making positive social change and to promote social equity.

Hallmarks of community based research

  • The relevance of the research topic is identified or verified by community members.
  • The resources of research (financial, expertise, etc.) are shared with community members, particularly those most affected by the research topic.
  • The research process recognizes and utilizes the expertise that community members have.
  • The research process recognizes and addresses power imbalances between researchers and community members.
  • The research process is driven by values, including: empowerment, supportive relationships, social change, learning as an ongoing process and respect for diversity.
  • The research process and results are accessible and understandable to community members.
  • The research process and results consider and adapt to the context in which the research is conducted.
  • The research leaves a legacy, both in terms of the utilization of research results, as well as in the future collaboration among partners.

Reprinted from the CCBR Webpage

Have an idea?

The Community-Based Research Facilitator is available to assist any AIDS Service organization, researcher, or community member with the development of a research idea. You can bring your idea from concept to delivery with many helpful tips on the most efficient process, and target your project to the best fit with a funding agency.

The Facilitator’s experience is invaluable in making connections with other researchers who may provide the framework to conduct research in a scientifically rigourous manner while protecting the community’s interests. The Facilitator advocates for the community and ensures that CBR principles are followed throughout the project.

See the drop down menu for capacity building activities that promote CBR, and helpful information sheets on the development of a research project.

Fact sheets on Community-Based Research

◊ Engaging Academics program

Community capacity is the interaction of human capital, organizational resources, and social capital existing within a given community that can be leveraged to solve collective problems and improve or maintain the well-being of a given community. It may operate through informal social processes and/or organized effort.

Robert J. Chaskin

URBAN AFFAIRS REVIEW, Vol. 36, No. 3, January 2001 291-323